Girls Trip Signals Moms to Unleash Their Inner Sexy

Girls Trip Signals Moms to Unleash Their Inner Sexy

Girls Trip hit record box office numbers during opening weekend proving “Black Girl Majic” hit the mark once again. We laughed. We cried. We laughed throughout and cried again. We celebrated the importance of sisterhood. We reflected back to our college days. That was the impact of the movie on female viewers. Jada Pinkett Smith particularly stood out to me as I resonated with her character, Lisa Cooper, the mom of two kids who lost herself in motherhood.

The scene of Lisa Cooper showing the ladies her outfit for the club where she is dressed in a loose white button down blouse and oversized long skirt with her hair pulled back in a ponytail behind her ears proves the notion that some moms lose who they once were in motherhood. Lisa thought that she was appropriately dressed to turn up in the club until her friends ridiculed her and made her change from looking like a grandma to embrace the grown and sexy look.

This scene really hit me hard. I reflected back to having my two baby boys 23 months apart and gaining a significant amount of weight. I never got the weight off until recently and at 5’4 – I weighed in at 237 pounds. I used the kids and the fact that I had a high profile job as an excuse to not get the weight off. I was not mentally ready to put the work in to get my shape back. When the kids ate – I snacked. When I was bored – I snacked. I had always been confident and walked with my head held high but at my heaviest weight of 237 – I wasn’t my true self. The 237 pounds aged me. I hated to take pictures. I started to walk with my head held down and I felt downtrodden. I knew that I needed to make a change.

So in December 2016, I made a mental commitment to take my life back. I went through a physical, mental, and spiritual transformation. I started slow —- but I eventually started my weight loss journey. You have to start somewhere. I started walking 20 blocks three times a week. As a trained modern and liturgical dancer, I incorporated two hours of dance within my daily workout plan. I eventually got a gym membership and started weight and strength training two times a week. Within the first four months, I did not see results but I never gave up. In April 2017, I started seeing significant results – the blood, sweat and tears was paying off. Seeing results made me want to aim even higher. I lost 30 pounds in three months and then I started documenting my weight loss journey on social media. I wanted to inspire other women that they can do anything that they put their mind to. My motto was “30 Pounds Down in Three Months – I did it – You can too!” I then lost an additional ten pounds almost reaching my goal of 50 pounds down. I wanted to be fully transparent and show people how I did it.

We as mothers, have to understand that self-love and maintenance is the best care. We can’t be the best for our children or families if we neglect ourselves in the process. I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. I’m energetic, vibrant, youthful and I have that pep back in my step. When people first meet me – they do not think that I have kids because of my youthful appearance and energy. My question to those people are how is a mother supposed to look? Tired….mama jeans on…angry….weary…..I am rebelling against the notion that a mom has too look like a mom.

When you Walk into a Room Own It

When I walk into a room – I own it. The most beautiful thing about a woman is the power in her confidence. I am unapologetic as a mom of “embracing my sexy.” My confidence and self-love empowers me. Taking my life back was an investment in me. I don’t ever want to lose myself again.


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