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Dionne Johnson Calhoun, CEO and Founder of Calhoun Communications certainly has a story to tell. She is often asked from other young women – “How do you do it?” Dionne’s response is “Why can’t I.” Dionne truly believes that women can have it all and that there is no limit on what they can do. Dionne says, “Women can be bosses in the workplace and while managing home.” We are true rockstars.” Dionne mentors young women and men with the philosophy that in order to succeed in life – “you have to work above and beyond and put your mark on whatever it is that you do.” She believes that this is a part of legacy building.


Dionne takes pride in showing young people the path that it takes on the road to success. There are no short cuts. Young people have to put the work in and surround themselves with mentors that are going to teach and guide them in the right direction. Success is about preparation. Dionne says, “In order to go to the next step – you have to be fully prepared when the door of opportunity opens so that you can walk right through it.”

You can book Dionne Johnson Calhoun for motivational speaking or to MC an event:

Dionne Speaks on the following:


  • The Power of Communication and Branding, Social Media Marketing and Campaigns
  • Success in the Workplace – Above and Beyond
  • Women in the Media
  • Women Empowerment – ***Expert on Women Policy Issues***
  • How to Win over your Audience – Public Speaking and Message Campaigns
  • How to Gain Media Opportunities – The power of the perfect Media Pitch
  • Local and National Political Buzz
  • Arts and Entertainment Buzz
  • The importance of Choosing your Mentors
  • Serving within your Community – Purpose through Volunteer and Humanitarian Organizations
  • #YouVoiceIt – Dionne Johnson Calhoun has been coined as the “Political Coach.” She believes that we empower communities by providing them a platform for their voices to be heard on issues that impact them. She is an expert and has over 10 years of experience working on policy issues on education, women, health, poverty, housing, and criminal justice.


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